About Wendy Ingorvaia

Wendy has Kept an Interest in Psych Since her College Days.

Wendy Ingorvaia studied psychology at Brooklyn College in New York City. Psych is a popular choice of study for college students for a number of reasons– but Wendy enjoys how applicable it is to everyday life.

For one thing, it allows us a window into the behavior and inner workings of our peers, friends, and colleagues. We all make decisions, but how do we make them? What causes us to react in certain ways? With a fundamental understanding of psychology, someone can really act on Ivan Pavlov’s famous words “Don’t become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin.”stuffed brain

Psychology can also make us more empathetic, and that is something that translates well into almost any field. Be it sales or real estate or creative writing, an openness to understanding the thoughts and feelings of the people and characters you interact with can get you far in life.

Aside from the obvious practical applications, Wendy is also taken by the sheer science of it all. As anyone who has taken an introductory psychology class will tell you, one of the earliest things you have to learn is the neuroscience of it all. Learning about the brain in this capacity is utterly fascinating. From the mechanics of the axons to the magic of action potential, that something which seems so mysterious can be explained in such a beautiful way is both comforting and exciting.

Since she earned her degree, Wendy has been very involved with her professional pursuits, but has maintained a key interest in her academic choice of study. Blogs like the Guardian’s “Neurophilosophy” provide her with curious cases, new discoveries, and reworkings of old ideas to think about, no matter how busy she may be.

Thanks for checking out the psychology blog of Wendy Ingorvaia. The mind never sleeps, and neither should our appetite for learning!